Homemade Mickey Mouse Crafts and Decorations

Homemade Mickey Mouse Crafts and Decorations

Boy, this Mickey Mouse birthday party was fun to plan for!  The homemade Mickey crafts and decorations were easy to pull together, and they made for a bright and colorful party.  Let me walk you through the party, so you can see the details.

dining room decorated for the party

I put up most of the decorations in the dining room where everyone would be sure to see them as they picked up their food and drinks. 

The easiest detail was the Mickey Mouse-esque tablecloth.  I bought a cheap red tablecloth from Dollar Tree.  Then I cut two large circles out of white paper and taped them to the end of the tablecloth to look like Mickey’s buttons!

I bought the large murals, as well as the Mickey plates and napkins, from Oriental Trading Company.  Usually licensed party décor is ridiculously overpriced, but the two large mural panels also came with a large Happy Birthday banner and two smaller Mickey Mouse Clubhouse pictures for a great price!  (Note: Oriental Trading’s stock changes frequently, so they may not have all the same things in stock right now.)

mickey party front door

I made a quick and easy Mickey Mouse wreath for the front door (tutorial coming soon) and added a hand drawn sign using words from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song.

oh two-dles sign

Forgive my terrible Toodles drawing, but I had to get the whole Toodles/Two-years-old pun in the decorations somewhere.

homemade mickey mouse decorations

Inside the front hallway were a few more signs with catchphrases from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon.  The balloons and posterboard were bought very cheaply at Wal*Mart, but you can also find them at the dollar store.

banner favors and hats

I made the banner, birthday favors, and Mickey Mouse party hats using things I bought from Dollar Tree and modified to work with the theme.   The tutorial for the favors will be coming up later this week.

mickey mouse pennant banner

I made a color Happy Birthday banner using Mickey Mouse silhouettes, construction paper pennants, and my PSA Essentials stamps. It was time-consuming, but very cute.

How to Make Mickey Party Hats

The Mickey Mouse party hats could not have been simpler to make.  Each hat was done in just three easy steps.

mickey mouse birthday hat mod

By placing the construction paper ears slightly lower than the bottom of the hat, it really looked like the people wearing the hats had Mickey ears on!

mickey party decorations

I think the party was adorable, but, more importantly, the birthday girl loved it and had a great time.  That’s the mark of a really successful party!

Click the thumbnails below for more Mickey Mouse Party tutorials!


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Thanks,  Jessica Hill


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