Hanging Candle Holders with Invisible Macramé


I found some Target Threshold votive holders at Goodwill and had the idea that they would be very pretty hanging in a window.  The sun would shine through the bright, translucent colors on the glass during the day, and they could be lit at night.
The dilemma was how to hang them.  I don’t trust myself to try to drill through glass, and anything else I would use to hang them would block out the color of the glass.  Then it hit me, I could use monofilament to macramé a way to hang the candle holders that would be almost invisible!
This same process can be used to hang planters, mason jars, or other candle holders, you will just need to adjust the measurements to fit whatever it is you mean to hang.

To make a Hanging Candle Holder with Invisible Macramé, you will need:
candle holder


You will need a spool of monofilament fishing line.  If you don’t have any of this in your home, stop the presses and go out and buy some.  It is so useful, not terribly expensive, and lasts FOREVER.


Begin by cutting eight lengths of monofilament, each about 3-4 feet long.  Tie them off with a tight knot at one end.  This will be the bottom of your invisible macramé hanging.


Pair the lengths of monofilament into two’s and tie the pairs in a knot, about 2 inches from the knotted end.


Split those pairs up, and tie one string from each pair together together with a string from its neighboring pair, about one inch from the first set of knots.  (see above) 
Repeat this step once more.


Slip the candleholder into the macramé, and pull all the lengths of monofilament up.  You can make slight adjustments to the knots to make the design more uniform.

invisible macrame

Tie the lengths of monofilament off at the opposite end, and hang from a hook or nail. 


The macramé knots will hold the candle holder securely, but will be barely visible.  I highly suggest using battery-powered candles, lest the flame get too close to the monofilament,


The candle holders will appear to almost magically float in the air at night.  It’s a very cool way to add atmosphere for very little money!

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Thanks,  Jessica
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