Goodwill Bench Redo

Goodwill Bench Redo

Last year I found a dated bench at Goodwill for a few bucks.  It was pretty ugly, with fake brass finish legs and a stained seat, but I thought I could turn it into something cute and functional.  When I was putting together touches to stage my Upcycled Headboard photos, I knew it was my chance to finally make good on my ideas for the bench!

bench before

I started by removing the seat from the legs.  The legs were just held on with 4 screws, but they were rusted in there.  It took some muscles to get those bad boys out.  I roughed up the fake brass legs with a little sandpaper and gave them a few coats of the same Meadow Green paint that I used on the headboard reading lights on my new woven headboard.

lay bench top on fabric

While the legs dried, I got to work re-covering the seat of the bench.  I found some light grey faux leather in my stash, and it was the perfect size for this project!

staple fabric in place

I did the basic stretch and staple routine to recover the cushion. 

folded corners

The curved sides were a bit tricky, but I managed to finish the stapling without any major wrinkles.

before and after

Without too much effort or time I was able to turn the sad 80s bench into a seat that’s perfect for our room!

Finished Bench

I  screwed the newly painted legs back onto the seat, and added some felt to the feet to keep them from scratching our hard wood.  The bench is a perfect size to sit and put on shoes, but it’s not so big that it will become a landing place for dirty clothes.   Combined with my new nearly free throw pillows, our bedroom is looking might stylish!


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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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