“Gold Leafed” Pumpkin: Dollar Store Style

copper leaf pumpkin square
Welcome to the dollar store version of gold leafing!  (Bah dum dum)
This is a ridiculously easy and quick way to add some bling to your fall decorating.
To make a gold leafed pumpkin, you will need:
dollar store foam pumpkin
dollar store gold or copper leaf garland
craft glue
dollar store copper leaf pumpkin
I didn’t take any action shots of this project because it took so little time to finish! 
First, I smeared craft glue on the top half of the faux pumpkin.  I ripped the foil leaves off of the garland and stuck them to the glue, starting at the middle of the pumpkin and working up.
copper leaf pumpkin
At first I was upset that I couldn’t get the foil leaves to lie flat against the pumpkin.  Then I stopped and took a step back and realized that I loved the texture that the wrinkled leaves gave to the finished product. 
You can only see it a little in this picture, but when the light hits the leaves it bounces off all over the wall behind it.  Gorgeous!
Don’t you love it when your mistakes turn better than your original design?
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