Glittery Rainbow Painted Clutches


If you have been following along with my posts this month, you will see that I am finally embracing some sparkle in my crafting.  If you want to add a touch of glimmer to your wardrobe, this is a punchy accessory that is easy (and nearly mess-free) to make!  You can be done with these glitter clutches in less than half an hour!

To make Glittery Rainbow Painted Clutches. you will need:

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pencil pouches

glittery fabric paint

foam pouncers

painter’s tape


I found these burlap pencil cases for a few cents at Goodwill.  I think they were a donation of overstock from the Target dollar spot.  Any little fabric pouches will work: pencil cases, makeup clutches, what have you.


Using a foam pouncer, stamp polka dots of glitter paint onto the pouch.  Tulips Fashion Shimmer paint has great colors, but you can use whatever paint you have.


Keep adding more colors in a random confetti pattern.  Let it dry.  It’s that easy!


I made one rainbow polka dot clutch and one rainbow stripe.   I marked off the stripe pattern with painter’s tape and pounced on the paint.


The clutches are fun and shimmery, and they are a great size for a night out where you just need a few cards and your phone, not your whole giant handbag.  I think the striped version is going to be coming with me when I head to 80s fest in a few weeks!

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Thanks,  Jessica

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