Giant Magnolia Wreath

magnolia wreath square


I know it is a month away, but I am starting to get Spring on the brain already.  With all the rain and above-freezing temps we  have had this Winter, it is hard not to think about the trees beginning to bud and flowers starting to sprout.


dollar store magnolias


When I saw silk magnolia stems at Dollar Tree, I grabbed up a few to make a flowery wreath for our front door.  However, the wreath form I had at home (also from DT) was larger than I normally use and needed larger scale flowers to fill it.


take apart several flowers


To make giant magnolias, I pulled the heads off of a few of the flowers and took the petals apart from the leaves and center.


hot glue additional petals to back of flower


I used my trusty hot glue gun to glue some of the spare petals to the back of the flowers I left whole, adding more until I was pleased with the size and shape.


difference in size


You can see the difference in size between the original blossom on the left and my giant magnolia.


magnolia pin


If you stop at this point, and add a safety pin to the back of the bloom, you have a feminine brooch to add to your Easter outfit or to give on Mother’s Day!


Don’t be fooled by my “fancy” clothes, I put this cardigan on just to take the photo.  I am totally still wearing sweatpants, you just can’t see them!


magnolia wreath beginning


At first I was only going to cover a portion of the wreath with flowers and leave the twisting wreath form exposed.  It looked too lopsided to me, so I went back to DT for more magnolia stems.


giant magnolia wreath


The finished wreath is elegant and simple.  I could dress it up more with a bow or by hanging an initial in the center of the wreath, but I think I will leave it as it is.


What do you think?

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