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Those of you over 3 decades old can feel me on this one.  It’s like once you hit 30, your body flips a switch and your metabolism slows down.  Way down.  All of a sudden your flesh gets fleshier, and your joints get creakier.  At first I was concerned that it was just me, but after consulting with some similarly-aged friends, I have concluded that it is something that happens to most 30-somethings.
As my birthday present this year, I asked for both a local cheap gym membership and 3 hours a week to use it.  And I have been doing pretty well at keeping those 3 dates a week.  It’s nice to have some time to myself, and I really do feel better after a workout.  That birthday was six months ago, and my body doesn’t look all that much different than it did before I started.  I just wasn’t getting that fit look that I wanted
When I was 25, six months of regular workouts would have snapped me right back into peak physical condition.  Not so much with this 30(mumble) year old body.  On Thanksgiving I thought it would be a fun game to weigh ourselves before and after the big meal.  I stepped on my aunt’s scale and… suddenly the game wasn’t so funny any more.
I don’t own a scale (which might be why that number startled me so much) and try hard not to focus on a number, but rather my overall health.  For my New Year’s resolution this year, I am going to try to push my motivation a bit farther.  Not to just maintain my current health and weight, but improve them.
Lacing up
I have come up with a few little changes that can help keep that resolution:

Change 1: Buying new running shoes.
I have been using my same old beat-up running shoes at the gym that I used fresh out of college.  The laces were so worn that I couldn’t even fully tighten the left shoe for fear of it busting mid-run.  I went out to Sears after Thanksgiving and found a great pair of new kicks for the gym.

Change 2: Wearing new clothes.
I have mostly been wearing baggy old t-shirts and small sized men’s shorts to the gym.  I don’t really give a rat’s behind what I look like to the other people at the gym, so I figured what I wear to bed was good enough for the gym.  As I worked out, I realized that there was a reason that fitness gear is specially designed the way it is.  It was hard to do some of the ab exercises and stretches I wanted to do if I was wearing a big ol’ t-shirt.  For Christmas I asked for some new “real” workout clothes so that I can keep pushing myself without my Destin, Florida souvenir tee getting in the way.

Change 3: Changing bad eating habits.
This is where things get sad for me.  Back in my 20s, I could adjust my dress size just through exercise.  That doesn’t seem to be working for me any more.  As much as I have been fighting it, I am going to need to change my eating habits as well, by limiting portion sizes and processed food.

Change 4: Adding something healthy to your diet.
This seems like a head-slapper of a change, but I need to add more water to my daily routine.  I was doing really well with this last summer, but I slipped back into my old ways of coffee and other caffeinated beverages making up the most of my liquid intake.  I am determined to do better.

Change 5: New workout routine/class.
My gym doesn’t offer workout classes, but there are some parts of the gym I haven’t explored yet.  I have mostly stuck to the cardio machines, but I think it’s time to try out the interval fitness area.  I know that interval training is good for burning calories.
While I am sure I am going to have to work to keep up with these changes, I am glad that none of them are that extreme.  Thankfully workout gear styles are pretty modest and multi-functional these days; fitted tees and yoga pants function just as well as pajamas as my old baggy t-shirts and shorts did.  If spandex shorts and crop tops were all the rage, I might have to do my working out from the comfort of my own home instead.

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