Free Fall Printable and Tutorial

teal gray


I tried my hand at making subway art for the first time!  I used the free version of Picnik, and it was very easy to do. 


First, I brainstormed a list of Fall-related words.  Then I uploaded a plain white image to picnik to serve as my “background.”


add text


I clicked the Stickers tab and added a rectangle that covered the entire background of the image.  Then I clicked on the Text tab and began adding my Fall words.


I chose to use four different fonts in varying sizes.  Even in the free version, Picnik has a pretty good selection of fonts.


change background colors


Once the words were added and lined up how I liked them, I highlighted the rectangular sticker I had added.  A “Sticker Properties” box popped up.  I was able to change the color of the sticker, thereby changing the background of the subway art.


I saved the image to my hard drive as, for example, “Fall Sky Gray.”  After it had saved, I could go back to the Edit tab, highlight the sticker again, and change the background color again without losing any of my text.  This can be done for as many colors as you would like, you just need to save each color background as a different file name on your computer.


camo greenchesnut brownevergreenfall sky grayharvest yellowmum purplepumpkin orangered maple


If you don’t want to try to make your own subway art, I uploaded these images to 4shared, so you can print off your own copies.

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