Framed Sentimental Recipes for PSA Essentials

frame your sentimental recipes

Today, I am happy to share with you my first project as a member of the PSA Essentials Design TeamPSA Essentials sent me their entire line of stamps and inks so I could experiment and create new projects featuring their great stamps.  If you don’t know much about PSA stamps, click here to learn more.

Since I don’t have a ton of stamping experience, I wanted to test the waters with a fairly simple project.  I have some recipes that were hand-written by my and my husband’s grandmothers that I wanted to incorporate into our kitchen décor.  Food and family go hand-in-hand for me, so I wanted to preserve those memories with a special framed piece for our wall.

To make Framed Sentimental Recipes, you will need:

scrapbook paper or cardstock

PSA stamps and ink

double-sided tape

frame with mat

spoon stamped paper

This project couldn’t be simpler.  I took two pieces of cardstock from my stash, and used the crossed spoons stamp from the Country Home Peel & Stick Pack and Royal Blue ink to create patterned paper.  I alternated the directions of the stamper each time I stamped to give a little more interest to the paper.

place paper in frame

I placed the stamped cardstock into a triple frame from the dollar store and added in the mat.  The frame was already painted navy blue from when I used it to make my $1 Contemporary Art Piece.

place recipes in mat

I mounted the recipes in each of the three openings of the mat with double-sided tape and put the frame back together.


I love the unique features of each recipe card.  My grandma’s cookie recipe in her recognizable handwriting, my other grandma’s shortcut lasagna recipe card has her scratched out mistakes, and my husband’s grandma’s fruit salad recipe has a few spills and slops on it.  Each makes them more precious.

vintage recipe display

I love preserving keepsakes like this, especially when I can make them into personalized decorations for our house.  These touches make the house our home.

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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