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A few months back I saw these marvelous Jonathan Adler canisters on HSN.  Last week, I went back to buy them, and they were sold out.  WAAAAAAH!  You snooze, you lose, Jess.
I had my heart set on including them in my Christmas decoration, so I needed to figure out a way to make them on my own.  I am sorry Mr. Adler for co-opting your design.  If I could I would buy the originals!!!
I used the fabulous Martha Stewart Crafts line from Plaid to make a set of my own.
painted glass canisters
To make Painted Christmas Canisters, you will need:
glass canisters from the dollar store
Martha Stewart craft paint in Habanero and Wedding Cake
Martha Stewart Frost Etching Effect
Martha Stewart adhesive stencils
fine bottle tip
masking tape
take canisters apart

First you will need to take your canisters apart to make them easier to handle.  The metal ring should squeeze off of the back hinge to remove the lid.

blob of paint
My initial plan was to squeeze paint into each canister and swirl it around to coat the inside.  The problem is that the Martha Stewart paints are so dense that they are unswirl-able.  The paint just sat there like a glorious blob of pigment.  I problem-solved by using an old foam brush to coat the inside of the canister with paint.
The paints are non-toxic and are even dishwasher-safe in case you need to wash the canisters later.  To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to only store wrapped food or candies inside of them, however.
coat the inside of the glass canister
This is what the habanero painted canister looked like after just one coat of paint!
I repeated the process with the Wedding Cake paint and the Frost Etching Effect on the remaining two canisters.
prop up the canister to dry
I propped the painted canisters up on their latches to let the paint dry.
tape off a stripe
Since I am impatient, I didn’t even let the canisters dry before starting the next step.  I taped off a stripe on each of the canisters with masking tape.
painted stripe
I painted a stripe on each canister in the contrasting color and removed the masking tape.
use smallest tip to write words
Using the fine-tip bottle top, I wrote the labels on each of the canisters.  The thick paint may have made painting the insides of the canisters more difficult, it made the writing SO easy.  No drips, no running!
martha stewart adhesive stencil
I used the adhesive snowflake stencils to add some details to the lids of canister.  Simply place the stencil, pounce the paint, and…
snowflake stencil
painted canisters
They are not quite as cute as the Jonathan Adler originals, but they don’t look bad for dollar store canisters!
Martha Stewart paint Christmas canisters
You can just get a glimpse of the minty goodness inside of the frosted glass canister.
painted christmas canisters
They are a tongue-in-cheek addition to my Christmas decorations in the kitchen.  These ARE the three major food groups during the holidays, right?
candy canister

I was able to try out the great Martha Stewart Craft by Plaid paints, stencils, and tools as part of a paid campaign.  All the opinions are my own.

For more great projects using Martha Stewart Craft by Plaid paints, stencils and tools, check out these links:

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