Family Initial Art — a simple paper craft

Stamped Family Initial Art

For my second PSA Essentials project this month, I wanted to create a simple, but elegant piece of home décor that was personal without being too sentimental.  I covered sentiment with my Framed Recipe Cards project.  I got my paper crafting skills on to make understand personalized initial art.

To make Personalized Initial Art, you will need:

double frame with mat

coordinating scrapbook paper or cardstock

PSA Essentials stamps and ink

paper cutter

exacto knife

roller adhesive

edge punch

circle cutter

store bought artwork

When my aunt moved out of state (we miss you, Annie!), she needed to downsize a lot of things.  One of the pieces to get the boot was this store-bought wall art.  My mom scooped it up for me, knowing that even if it wasn’t my style, I could use the cool frame for something else.

take art apart

I eventually got around to doing just that with this project.  I ripped apart the back of the frame and dismantled the insides.  It was all very violent.

scrapbook paper

Using a rotary trimmer and an adhesive roller, I re-covered the artwork with silhouette scrapbook paper.  Silhouettes are still on trend and they read as family-oriented, even if the silhouettes aren’t really of your family.

decorative edging

I trimmed the paper around the inner frame with an Exacto knife and added some decorative touches with an edge punch.

stamp and cut out initial

I used the Espresso Brown ink pad and the H initial from the Romance Peel & Stick Pack to stamp a few trial runs on my scrapbook paper.  I used my circle cutter to cut one out (not on the wood table, thank you very much).

PSA stamped initial

Pretty, no?  I cut a circle 1/4 larger in diameter out of brown metallic cardstock, as well.

add initial to center

I used the adhesive roller to stick the initial to the brown cardstock and the cardstock to the inner frame.

monogram frame

I reassembled the frame to reveal an completely new piece of artwork.

initial decor

The frame looks really nice sitting with our Fall décor because the bronze tones in the paper and the frame work well with the other warm metals I have used on the mantel.  Eventually, I think I will hang this frame in a wall collage with framed family photos.

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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