Easy T-Shirt Superhero Capes


When my son asked me for a superhero birthday party this year, I thought it would fun to allow the kids to get superhero costumes to wear for the party.  I didn’t want to spend money on yards of fabric though, and I definitely didn’t want to be sewing 10 little capes in the weeks before the party.  Thanks to my dad’s thrift shopping skills, I was able to turn some colorful t-shirts into kid-sized capes for the guests at my son’s superhero party.


1.  Lay the t-shirt flat and front down on a table or work surface.


2.  Cut up the sides of the shirt and toward the shoulders, ending 2-3 inches from the collar.


3.  Flip the shirt open on your work surface.


4.  Cut around the front of the collar, keeping the collar intact.


Make one or twelve — in as many bright superhero colors as you can find!


I made a rainbow of colors to satisfy all the guests at my son’s superhero birthday party.


I made the capes using large thrifted tees, but Dollar Tree often carries solid color t-shirts as well, you just have to keep your eyes peeled.  These capes are great for parties, Halloween or just for everyday dress-up time!

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Thanks,  Jessica
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