Dr. Seuss Party Food


It wouldn’t be a Mad House party without dorky themed food!  Like always, I tried to make sure that our Seuss party menu was kid-friendly, budget-friendly, and fit our party theme.  Thankfully there are plenty of food references in Seuss’ books to give inspiration.


I had chips and pretzels out in the living room when guests first arrived so they could eat a snack with Brown and Black. (Hop on Pop)
For all the food signs, I took images from Dr. Seuss’ books and free-handed them on poster board.


The dinner was a serve yourself sandwich buffet.  Lined name tags from the dollar store made easy food signage that kept with the Seuss theme.


I premade subs with Roast Beast (How the Grinch Stole Christmas), Ham, and Turkey.


Each guest customized his own sub with cheese from the Cheese Trees (Fox in Socks) and other sub fixings.


My mom made a very tasty pasta salad that I renamed, Noodles for Poodles. (Fox in Socks)  I also made up a batch of my crockpot applesauce to serve as our Ten Apples(auce) up on Top.


No Seuss party menu would be complete without Green Eggs and Ham!  I made deviled eggs and added just a touch of green food coloring to the yolk mixture.  Then I topped the deviled eggs with bacon crumbles.


A big bowl of One Fish, Two Fish, Goldfish Crackers rounded out the meal.


I set up a beverage station on our baker’s rack, including juice, pop, colorful glasses, and bendy straws.


I turned the juice and pop into Pink Ink (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish) and Goose Juice and Moose Juice (The Sleep Book).  I adhered the signs to the bottles and pitcher with the same red and white striped washi tape that I used throughout the party.


I made a simple looking birthday cake…


… that was very Seussical when it was cut!  I made the rainbow cake layers to match the plates and napkins I ordered from Party City.


To go with the cake, I set up a Make Your Own Schlopp bar (Oh! The Thinks You Can Think!) where guests could build their own sundaes, complete with a cherry on top, of course.

Do you theme your party food?  It’s pretty nerdy, but I love to do it!

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Thanks,  Jessica


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