A Dollar Barn Easter: Part I

Pottery Barn, what are you doing to me?  First, your Christmas decorations made me swoon, now you have to go and put Easter decorations up on your website too?  That’s just mean.
Of course, you know this means war.  And by war, I mean another installation of Dollar Barn tutorials.
This week I will be posting more tutorials on how to take items from the dollar store and your own home and turn them into PB-inspired Easter/Spring decor.  Make sure you come back and check them all out!
First up is a rip-off of PB’s Terra Cotta Pots that they sell for $10-$26.  Our knock-offs will cost you little to nothing, depending on what you have on hand.
To make a distressed terra cotta pot, you will need:
terra cotta flower pot – on hand or from the dollar store
acryllic paints
sealant or glaze (optional)
I don’t really have a tutorial for this project other than to say… GO NUTS!  Paint on a combination of colors (I used white and yellow), then brush over it again to take some of the paint back off.  If you would like a more mottled look, you can take a paper towel or rag to the wet paint and take off even more paint.
If you would like a shiny finish, brush on a coat or two of sealant or glaze after the paint is dry.  All done!

The next project was inspired by the Hanging Sugared Eggs on the PB site, priced at $16 for 6 of them!  The materials for our version will only set you back a buck!

To make sugared easter eggs, you will need:
8- or 10- pack of plastic eggs from the dollar store
craft glue
This is a very easy project and would be great to do with your kids if they are stuck home on yet ANOTHER snow day!  Paint on a liberal layer of craft glue all over a plastic egg.  Pour a cup or so of plain white sugar into a bowl.  Drop the gluey egg into the sugar and roll it around until it is covered.
Like so!
Repeat with as many eggs as you would like.  Doesn’t the sports-themed paper plate add to the festivity?  I think so.
Pretty and inexpensive!
A Dollar Barn Easter money saved
Running total:  $41
Be sure to check back later in the week for more Dollar Barn Easter posts!
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  1. says

    I love this look. Just wanted to offer a suggestion. If you dip the eggs in salt or epson salt, you can cut your risk of ants in the house making a trail to those sweet eggs.It still gives you the same look.Blessings,Nancy

  2. says

    Love, love, love it!Can I add that if you live in a "buggy" area, storing sugared eggs in the off season may attract some unwanted attention (ahem, bugs). Salt would be another option.

  3. says

    Those are super cute! There is a reason why I don't look at pottery barn too much, too many great ideas :) Thanks for linking to Motivate me MondayKaysi

  4. says

    Cute & love the cheap! I know what you mean about Pottery Barn & the prices are insane. Luckily for us crafties it's a good cheat sheet for project ideas;)

  5. says

    Love it! And that is exactly the look I was trying to create for Easter last year and failed miserably at because I ran out of money.You did good! I have to say that Epsom salt would really do the trick here, I believe. I am a teacher and we use it for tons of crafts.:)

  6. says

    The sugared eggs…how fun is that? I might get some kids surreptitiously taking a lick, though 😉 Love recreating PB on a Dollar Store budget.Thanks for joining the party :)

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