A Dollar Barn Christmas

Pottery Barn stuff usually isn’t on my radar.  Although it’s all very beautiful, I know that it’s not even worth walking into the store because I won’t be able to afford anything without having to eat ramen for a week.  Why torture myself, right?
On a whim last week, I went surfing through Pottery Barn’s website and got hooked looking at their beautiful Christmas photos.  It’s all staged so beautifully and lighted perfectly.  Lovely.  But as I looked more closely at the pictures I noticed that when all the elements are combined there is this grand effect, but the individual elements themselves are really simple things.  For example, their Jingle Bell Vase Filler:
Well, that’s just a whole mess of jingle bells.  And they are asking $19 for 30 of them!  Okay, I can totally rip that idea off. 
Go to the Dollar Tree and buy some of these:
Cut them apart and disassemble them.  You can get rid of the gold tops or save them, like I did.  To me they look like little acorn tops.  Thanksgiving craft, maybe?
Jingle Bell Vase Filler – $2 for 32 of them.  Treat yourself to a nice lunch with the $17 you saved.
I also really liked these Grosgrain Mat Frames:
They are asking $29-$49 apiece.  Wowzers. 
Alright, I can’t replicate the silver-plated finish.  I can TOTALLY rip off those grosgrain mats though.
Go to the Dollar Tree again (or better yet, make a giant list and save yourself the gas) and buy some cheap silver frames.  Check the crafts aisle to see if they have red grosgrain ribbon.  Mine didn’t.  Boo.
Come home and do this.
And buy “this,” I mean glue the ribbon to the inside of the frame so it acts like a mat.
Grosgrain Mat Frame for a buck and change.  Take your sweetie out for a nice dinner with the $28-$48 you saved.
All together for grand effect.  Would have been a little more grand if I had bothered to iron that table scarf.  Meh.  So, I’m not a Pottery Barn photo stager, but I do have a nice Christmas vignette.
And I’m very well-fed.
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  1. says

    Great ideas! I love the high you get from making or getting something for so cheap that costs so much more other places. I cannot wait to see more Christmas!

  2. says

    I love this. I made a vase filler for Halloween with candy corn. And I'm changing it out with sunflower seeds for Thanksgiving (it's under sunflowers and wheat). Thanks for sharing this idea. Definitely going to do this for Christimas!

  3. says

    hi! I found a link to your site from dollarstore crafts. I LOVE those frames! and the bell filler as well. I am going to have to take a trip to the dollarstore myself!!come check out my blog too if you get the chance! I am all about making stuff on the cheap!ashley

  4. says

    What a clever idea! I love love love the Jingle Bell Filler! Will have my girls help me with this one and also create decor for their rooms! Love your site – keep the clever and thrifty ideas coming!

  5. says

    I never would've thought to glue the ribbon to the back. I would've hot glued my hand somehow trying to attach it neatly on the matboard, which would've never worked for me. This is a great idea!!!

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