Does the Hanging Paint Storage System Hold Nail Polish, Glitter or Thread? An Experiment

After getting several questions and suggestions from readers, I decided to do a little experimentation with my Hanging Paint Storage system.  Readers suggested that it might work for other small items that are better displayed than left shoved in a box.

Would the hanging system hold nail polish, glitter, or thread?  After trying them all out, I found the answers to be: yes, yes, and mostly yes!

nail polish storage

The nail polish fit into the storage system perfectly, as is.  Plus, there is the added benefit of being able to see all your colors at once!


I tried two different-sized tubes of glitter in the storage racks, and both fit well.  If you were to use this smaller size tube (standard Martha Glitter size), then I would consider reducing the distance between the two wire racks to 3/4 of an inch to make them the most secure.  But the principle is still the same.

thread storage

Finally, I tried several varieties of thread.  Most fit very well in the racks, but I would probably reduce the distance between the racks and the wall.  This would mean cutting off parts of the PVC caps on the back, but the racks should still hold well.  I did find that there were some spools of thread that were either A) too short and fell between the two wire racks or B) had too large of a diameter to fit into the openings.  You could probably store some, but not all, of your thread collection.

A big thanks to all my readers for their clever suggestions!  I have updated the original tutorial to reflect the new uses of the racks.  Do you have any other great ideas for this storage system?

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Thanks, Jessica Hill

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  1. steven says

    Great idea. I think it will work perfectly for food coloring. I am a baker and half a million bottles that I need to store. I want to know where you get the shelving?

  2. Nancy Quinn says

    Thank you for posting this awesome solution for too many paints. I have searched for a very long time for something like this. Thank you again for the directions.

    Nancy Q

  3. Trish Davenport says

    This is absolutely what I need. What a space saver for all of our little paint bottles. You my friend are a genius and your Dad did a splendid job. You made this over into an ideal storage unit. I want one today.
    Thanks for sharing.

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