DIY Dr. Seuss Party Wreath


When we have a themed birthday party at our house, I like to set the tone of the party right at the front door.  For my son’s Cars party, I colored a billboard-style Welcome to Radiator Springs poster.  His baseball party featured a ticket-booth sign.  I made a simple Mickey Mouse wreath for my daughter’s party last year.  This year I used that same foam wreath form to make a Seuss wreath to welcome the guests to her Dr. Seuss party.

To make a Seuss Inspired Wreath, you will need:
red fabric
white ribbon
straight pins
red tulle
cardstock Cat in the Hat
lined name tag


I covered an old foam wreath form with red fleece from my stash and attached it with straight pins.  Next, I wrapped the wreath with white ribbon to make stripes like the Cat’s hat, leaving a length at the end to use to hang the wreath.  I had some red tulle leftover from my daughter’s Mickey Mouse tutu, I pinned lengths of tulle to the back of the wreath with more straight pins.


I cut the Cat out of the Cat in the Hat party hats I found in the Target dollar bin and pinned it to the center of the wreath.


Finally, I used a desk name tag from Dollar Tree to make a welcome banner.  I wrote “Welcome!” on the tag in my best teacher handwriting, then folded and cut the edges to look more banner-like.  The banner was also pinned to the form.
Because I used straight pins, everything on the wreath form is secure but easily removed.  I have used this same foam wreath form so many times because I can always remove embellishments and add new ones.

I hope you have enjoyed all our Seuss party festivities this week!  If you missed any of the other tutorials, click the thumbnails below.

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Thanks,  Jessica



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