Decorative Pumpkin Watering System for Mums


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I love to add mums when doing my Fall gardening.  It’s easy to Find beauty in the Fall when the colors are so vibrant and rich, and hearty mum blooms last through the cooler weather.  I do not have a green thumb, however, and I often have trouble knowing how often to water my mums.  I decided to add a self-watering system to my mum containers this year.

I found a few ideas on the internet for how to use recycled bottles to create simple watering systems.  I didn’t like the idea of having a 20 ounce bottle of pop sticking out of my mums, however, so I decided to make a decorative version of the watering bottles.


First, I planted the mums I bought in containers filled with Miracle Gro potting mix.  Miracle Gro potting mix is ideal for containers and releases plant food for up to 6 months (much longer than these mums will last).

To make a Decorative Pumpkin Watering System for Mums, you will need:
round bottles
orange and brown craft paint
paint brushes

I found these cute apple juice bottles at the grocery store, but I think those little plastic pop bottles would work just as well.  Empty the bottles of their contents and clean them out.

Paint the bottles with the orange craft paint.

While the paint is drying, carefully drill a hold in the center of each bottle cap.

Using a liner brush, add lines to the bottles to make them look more like pumpkins.  Allow the paint to dry.

Fill the bottles with water and replace the cap.

The water will slowly drip out of the bottles and water the mums as needed.

Plant the cap and neck of the bottle in the dirt of the container,

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