Dad’s Handy Shelf Drying Trick

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My dad, whose birthday was yesterday – Hi, Dad!  ((waving)), is just full of handy painting tips, like the paint-saving roller trick I shared earlier.  Today’s tip is more of a paint DRYING trick.

painting shelves trick

The shelves from the built-ins in the living room are removable which made them very easy to paint.  But how do you manage to paint the shelves and stack them to dry without them sticking together?

shelf painting tip graphic

Before you begin painting, drive a small nail into each shelf.  The nail gives you something to hold as you paint (reducing thumbprints) and you can lean one shelf onto the previous shelf’s nail.  No touching; no sticking!

shelf painting tip

All four painted sides of each of the shelves get air to help them dry, saving tons of time.  Once the shelves dry, remove the nail.  The nail hole will  barely be visible, but you can always touch it up with a teeny amount of paint if you need to!
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