Craft Room: Magnetic Quote Door

paint a magnetic quote door

I wanted to turn the closet doors in my Craft Room into an organization station.  I added a blog calendar and glittered up a cork board to add to the right door.  For the left door, I decided to create some magnetic rays so I could play around with my Shakespeare quote magnets or stick up note or pictures.

new closet closeup

To make a Magnetic Quote Door, you will need:

Martha Stewart Magnetic Paint Effect

wall paint

painter’s tape

Martha Stewart Gilding (optional)

foam brushes


tape closet door

The most time-consuming part of the project was taping off my rays.  I used painter’s tape from the dollar store, but I recommend splurging on the real stuff.  The tape I used did not stay stuck well at all, so there was more leakage under the tape than I was happy with.

Martha Stewart 32196 4-Ounce Magnetic Paint

First, I painted on two coats of Martha Stewart Magnetic Paint effect.  It is a dark grey paint that, when dry, will attract magnets.  Pretty cool, right?  I was expecting the texture of this stuff to be like paint though, and it is NOT!  It is very thick like pudding or frosting.

After the coats of magnetic paint dried, I went over those stripes with the semi-gloss grey paint I used in our dining room.  I had to go back and do some touching where the paint leaked under the tape.

were all mad here

I used Martha Stewart gilding effect to paint the Alice in Wonderland quote in the center of the door.  I think it is appropriate considering its home in the Mad in Crafts work space!

new work room closet

The magnetic paint is the perfect place for me to play around with my Shakespeare word magnets.  I can make fun graphics like this:


Or more inspirational sayings like this:


It’s fun to mess with the magnets when I have writer’s block or just need a break from my third craft fail in a row.

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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