Christ-Centered Christmas Card


I wanted a Christ-centered card to accompany the gifts my son would give to his Kindergarten and Sunday School teachers.  I was able to use my Silhouette to make a very simple design that reminds us, without words, why Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year.  Christ came into the world to live a perfect life and die on the cross to take away our sins.  Both of his teachers share this message with him every day they have him in class, and we are so thankful for that!


I used PicMonkey to create a simple graphic of a cross inside a Christmas tree.  I layered two white rectangles over one of their Christmas tree cut-outs (that I had turned black).


I used my Silhouette software to turn that graphic into a repeated cut file.  You can make eight cards from a 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper.  You can download the cut file for this project HERE.


I added the cut design to an American Crafts cardstock card with glue dots.  It was a quick and simple way to make a special card. 

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Thanks,  Jessica



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  1. Svetlana says

    I love this card. Thank you so much for sharing the idea and how to make it! I have a friend who is very religious and very much into Christmas, so this card would be perfect for her. And homemade too.

    I can’t download the cut file. Could that be because I’m using a Mac computer?

    • madincrafts says

      I don't know enough about Macs to be able to say for sure. It might also be an issue with the security settings on your computer since you will download right from the site. Hope that helps.

      • Svetlana says

        Thank you so much for answering! I very much appreciate it!
        I hadn’t even thought that it could be the security settings, I’ll look into that.
        In the meantime I’ve tried myself at your marbled paper art. Unfortunately the first try doesn’t look like valuable, very expensive art..haha. But it’s amazing how the pictures changed within a few minutes. Just to try it out I dunked one sheet of paper all the way into the water, and it came out lovely – or better than the other tries:-)
        Thank you for ll your great ideas!!!

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