Chocolate Peppermint Stirring Spoons

I had originally told you about these stirring spoons back in my post about Peppermint Mocha Mix saying that you could find my tutorial on  I had made up the tutorial for a campaign in which I was asked to participate. Well, without any notice the campaign was summarily dumped.  Oh well.  At least I got paid for it.  😛
It is still a fun, yummy and easy project, so I decided to post the quick tutorial on here for you lovely folks.  Nothing like starting off the New Year with chocolate, that’s what I always say.
For Peppermint Chocolate Stirring Spoons, you will need:
a package of chocolate chips (I used dark chocolate, you know, because it’s healthier)
heavy duty plastic spoons
microwave/double boiler
a food storage bag
candy canes or peppermint candies
wax paper
cookie sheet
Normally, I would have taken the price tags off of the items before I took the picture, but the campaign was for homemade gifts under $10 so I needed them left on. Tacky, I know.
Melt a cup or so of chocolate chips in a microwave or double boiler till just soft.  I find it’s better to work in small batches so the chocolate doesn’t re-harden while you are working. 
Stir the melted chips until they are smooth.  Try not to spoon all the deliciousness right into your gob.
Dip the bowls of the  plastic spoons into the melted chocolate, and lay them out on a wax paper covered cookie sheet. 
Crush up your peppermint candies in a food storage bag.  Really work out that built-up holiday aggression.
Sprinkle the magic peppermint dust over the cooling spoons.  Throw them in the freezer for an hour, and you’re good to go.
Then when you next sit down with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, you stick one of these puppies in the mug and stir in the chocolately goodness. 
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