Chevron Stage Floor Art

floor slat art bw square
I love taking classic home décor ideas and putting a modern spin on them.  For last week’s SYTYC project, I took a hot, modern trend (the chevron pattern) and combined it with classic hardwood flooring to make cool architectural wall art.
scrap stage floor slats
Of all the extra-curriculars in which I was involved in high school, my favorite was theater.  When my school tore up their stage floor to replace it, my mom salvaged some of the floor slats for me.  Who knows?  Some of the scrapes and dings on these pieces of wood might be from MY tap shoes!
I thought the stage floor slats would add a sentimental touch to my wall décor. 
If you don’t have access to stage floor slats (but, really, why wouldn’t you Smile with tongue out), you can find salvaged floors at a local ReStore or you could just use scrap pieces of wood.
arrange the vees
Lining the floor slats up correctly took a bit of trial and error.  The tongue and groove edges of the slats were helpful, but I still had to do a lot of adjusting to get it just right.  When I had the slats the way I wanted them, I used masking tape to hold them in place (a cheap alternative to clamps).
masking tape as clamps
The two halves of the vee will be mirror images of each other (or copies of each other when one is flipped over).
attach l-brackets
I connected the slats using L-brackets from the hardware store. 
shows and roles
On the back each of the slats, I wrote either the name of one of the shows I was in or the role I played in it.  You can’t see it when the pieces are hung on the wall, but I like how it personalized the piece a little more.
The great thing about this project is how versatile the pieces are.  If you are not into the chevron trend, the slats can be reconfigured…
configuration 2
1) in a herringbone pattern,
configuration 3
2) in a modified pinwheel (or perhaps, sort of, Texas?),
configuration 1
3) as a high-impact photo frame,
connfiguration 4
or 4) layered for a 3D bowtie effect. 
And those are just off the top of my head!  The possibilities are endless!
chevron wall art stage floor slats
The piece adds some architectural detail to the wall without being fussy or ornate.  We don’t have moldings in the house we are renting, so some architecture is very welcome! 
The Upcycled Crafts challenge is up on So You Think You’re Crafty.  Head over and vote for your favorite project.  I would to make it through another week!


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