Cheapy Cheaperson

I’m not cheap.  I just have a little person living in my head who gets very worried if I spend any money.  If I see something in the store, Cheapy Cheaperson  (that’s his name) immediately starts processing the value of the item and comparing it to the price being asked. 

Lately he has been fixating on this list of questions:
“How much would the raw materials for that item cost you to buy?” 
“Do you have the skills/tools to make it yourself?”
“Would you have more fun buying it or making it?”
For most clothing items, I end up saying a big, fat NO to the last two questions.  I still haven’t gotten the hang of sewing a straight line.  😛  But for lots of household items, it turns out that I can make most of them myself, AND I get the enjoyment of doing so.  In my cheapy cheaperson mind, that means that I am not only saving the money on the actual item, but I am saving myself “entertainment money” by having a hobby that is productive.
Feel free to memorize that little rationalization speech for the next time your husband asks if it is really necessary to spend $20 at Goodwill and $25 at Hobby Lobby. 
I found these pretty green sheers at Walmart for $5.  I thought that was a pretty good deal since I can’t sew straight lines, and you can’t really use Stitch Witchery on sheers.  However, I was too cheap to buy more than one sheer for each window.  I mean, Cheapy Cheaperson was too cheap.  Which meant I needed curtain holdbacks.  I wandered over to the aisle with holdbacks and tiebacks.  Mr. Wally Mart wanted 10 bones for a set of holdbacks!  And they were ugly!
Just then, Cheapy Cheaperson spoke up.  “Make some!  It’ll be fun!  And CHEAP!” 
I left for home trying to figure out how I was going to fashion myself some curtain tiebacks out of something inexpensive or on-hand.  Yes, I paid for the curtains first.  Cheapy Cheaperson is frugal, not a felon.
When I got home, I went searching for things in my house that were (or could become) roughly tieback-shaped.  What I came up with was this:
Sometimes Cheapy Cheaperson is brilliant.
All I had to do was concentrate really hard, become one with the Force, and make the fork’s molecules succomb to my will.  If you can’t do that, you can just bend it with your hands.  Then nail the fork to the wall.
The next week at Target I found these forks that coordinated with my curtains for $0.98 each.  And Cheapy Cheaperson was pleased.
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    You are one super crafty lady!! Glad you found my blog! You said you found it through "Dollar Store Crafts" I didn't know I was featured there – would you let me know which post they featured?? Thanks!

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    Cheapy Cheaperson you rock! Finally someone who "gets" me. The rationalization just sums up what I've been thinking all these years. Glad to know i'm not crazy!

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    I think it looks so bored while combining with your home design. The color is not shiny and it is bad color option, sorry. But, I really like your idea about using the old fork. As an advice, it is better to give some decorations around it so the spot will not look too plain.

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