Camping Themed Shower Gift

Last weekend I attended a bridal for a family friend, really, their whole family is more like family than friends since we have known them so long.  Each fall our families go camping together for a week or so up at a beautiful lake in the northern part of the lower peninsula.  It is always one of the highlights of my year. 

When my mom and I were looking through the gift registry for the shower, we were happy to see that they had registered for quite a few camping supplies.  It gave us the idea to put together a simple camping themed wedding shower gift.  This idea would work just as well for an anniversary, birthday, or graduation gift for anyone who loves to camp!

Camping cooler wedding gift

The genius part of the gift is that you actually use the cooler as the gift wrap!  Place all of the pieces of the gift inside the cooler with some paper shred, close the cooler, and wrap a ribbon around the whole thing.  You can wheel the cooler right into the shower, and you aren’t wasting wrapping paper!

Camping themed wedding gift

In addition to the cooler, we bought a few other camping related items that were on the couples’ registry, a few fun items, and a handmade item.  I made a camping sign using the same technique that I used for my Michigan Christmas sign and the But First, Coffee art and by using a Silhouette cut file bought from the Silhouette store.  Here’s the link if you are interested: Cute Marshmallows on a Stick.

Camping Card

To tie the gift all together, I also made a card with the same cut file and some wood patterned papers.

Camping themed gift

The bride and groom are going on a camping trip for their honeymoon, which tells you how much they love to camp!  We hope they use this shower gift together for many years to come!

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Thanks,  Jessica

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