Budget-Friendly Homemade Christmas Gift Round-up*

If your holiday gift list is growing by leaps and bounds, don’t stress.  First, be thankful for all the wonderful people who have come into your life.  Next, remember that it is the thought, not the price tag, that counts.  These handmade gifts show you care, make thoughtful presents, and won’t break your Christmas budget.

Although I have labeled them as hostess or teacher gifts, many of these gifts would be great for multiple people on your list.  Take an afternoon (if you can spare it!), and make as many as you can in one sitting.  You will have gifts for your mailman, dog walker, baby sitter, and hair dresser done before you know it!

Hostess Gift Crafts on a Budget

Plastic Animal Bookends

These beautiful bookends have a high-end look with a bargain price tag. 

COST: $4 per pair

Snowflake Coasters

You can quickly make enough of these coasters to take to all your holiday parties. 

COST:  just over $1 a set

Gold Burlap Candles

You don’t have to let the hostess know these candles aren’t really from Pottery Barn! 

COST:  Just over $1 each

Family Initial Art

The hostess will be touched that you brought such a personalized gift. 

COST:  Depends on the cost of the frame

Stamped Typography Blocks

These cute, graphic blocks blend in with almost any home’s décor. 

COST:  free, if you use scrap wood

Decorative Typography Spheres

They make a perfect gift for any reader or grammar-lover on your list. 

COST: $3 per set

Glitter Edged Coasters

What party doesn’t need more coasters?  Your hostess will love you! 

COST:  $4 per set

Snarky Christmas Canisters

Show your hostess you have a sense a humor about the holidays with these snarky canisters.

COST:  $3+ for the set


A  Homemade Teacher Gifts

Raspberry Coconut Body Scrub

A teacher’s feet are tired after a long day in the classroom. Pamper her with some luxurious foot scrub.

COST: $2+

Recycled Crayon Snowflakes

Either provide your child’s classroom with much needed art supplies or give the teacher a way to recycle broken crayons into new ones! 

COST: $2 per set

Faux Book Clock

The big ticking clock on the wall doesn’t have to be the only timepiece in the classroom.  Bonus points if you let your child help paint the papier mache book. 

COST: $5


Neighbor Treat Canisters

Christmas cookies are a stand-by gift for a reason.  Package them up in a pretty canister this year. 

COST: $1+

Mason Jar Snow Globe Soap Dispensers

Help keep those nasty kid germs away from your child’s teacher this winter.  This project would also work with clear hand sanitizer in place of the liquid soap. 

COST:  $2+

*For any grammar-sticklers reading this:  Yes, the gifts are meant to be budget-friendly, but technically the round-up is too.  😉


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Thanks,  Jessica Hill


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