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bow holding monogram square



When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had no idea the amount of bows and clippies that were in my future!  Korkers and hearts, barrettes and alligator clips… getting left on the changing table, bathroom vanity, and kitchen counter.  I needed a quick solution to the proliferation of “pretties.”  This simple Bow-Holding Monogram was my solution.


To make a Bow-Holding Monogram, you will need:

wooden letters in the appropriate initials

a spool of coordinating ribbon

Martha Stewart craft paints

Martha Stewart stencils

glue or glue dots


I used my trusty Martha Stewart by Plaid paints and stencils in colors and patterns that work with my daughter’s room.  You can certainly adjust the colors and patterns to blend in with your bathroom, to suit your child’s room, or (if she is older) let your child decorate them herself!


Tip: If you don’t want the wood grain to show through the paint, be sure to prime them first thing!




The vibrant pink paint I used on the A is Martha Stewart’s Raspberry Ice satin finish.  I stenciled the rose from MS’s Four Seasons set of stencils using Sugar Cube glitter paint.




The green base is satin finish Scottish Highlands and the preppy pink stripes (in Raspberry Ice) were painted using the Martha striping tool with every other bristle removed for slightly wider stripes.




I used the satin finish Pink Carnation on the H and stenciled the peony (also a Four Seasons stencil) using glittery Tourmaline.


monogram bow holder


After the paints were dried, I attached long lengths of pink, plaid ribbon using Aleene’s glue dots and then hung the monogram on the wall.


bow holding monogram


The ribbons keep her bows neat and close at hand.  If you have more than one headband to keep track of, consider using this ingenious trick from Nikki from Salty Pineapple on Simply Modern Mom.


Disclosure HERE.


What storage solutions have you come up with for your kids’ stuff?

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