Auf Wiedersehen, 2009!

It was a tough year for my family.  My uncle lost his fight with lung cancer, my 30-something cousin had a stroke, my dad’s teaching position was eliminated after being at the school for 22 years.  But God is still in charge.  My dad has been offered some new opportunities to use his gifts, my cousin recovered completely, and my uncle spent his first Christmas in Heaven.  God’s mercies are new every morning!
One of the bright spots of the year for me was this blog.  I have enjoyed the creative outlet and the opportunity to show off a little, but mostly I have enjoyed “meeting” and befriending other crafty folks.  I still get all excited every time Blogger tells me I have a comment awaiting moderation!
As a farewell to the year, I have picked out my 10 favorite projects for a quick recap.  The fact that it is also an easy filler post as well as shameless self-promotion is just icing on the baseball-themed cupcake.  (See how I slipped that extra one in there?  Shameless.)

Sure, everybody made one.  But for good reason!  The Dollar Store Christmas Wreath was easy, cheap, and beautiful.  Except for all the time I spent running after the ornaments that went rolling across my dining room floor.
My master bedroom Paper Mosaic Headboard.  This was my first craft to go up on the web when Heather at Dollar Store Crafts published it last summer.  Boy, did she create a monster.  Oh, and did you hear that turquoise is the new “IT” color for 2010?  Possibly the first time in my life that I have ever been ahead of the fashion curve.
Ah, my so-dumb-it’s-brilliant Fork Curtain Tiebacks.  They still make me giggle.
The Melted Snowflake Crayon project was popular with you guys- probably due to the whole cheap, easy, beautiful thing.  Plus, this picture makes me happy.
Ridiculous in every possible way, the iPod Sock Candle Cozies had to be up there on my list of favorite projects.  It breaks my heart that they have been sitting in a closet since I made them.
#5, #4, #3
This picture is a three-for.  My two Dollar Barn Christmas projects, the jingle bells vase filler and the grosgrain ribbon matted frames, are in the background behind my Dollar Store Snowflake Coasters.  I am surprised that the employees at the Dollar Tree don’t know me by name yet.
The S-Bot 2007 is number two on the list because I had so stinkin’ much fun making him.  Also because my not-yet-two-year-old kept thanking me over and over again while I painted it.  One of my favorite memories of the year!
Ironically, and fittingly, my favorite project of the year was the very first project I posted on this blog.  Making my son’s Max Costume was such a great time, and he was the most adorable Wild Thing you ever did see.
Thank you all for helping to brighten up my year.  I hope I can return the favor in 2010!
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