Acorn Napkin Ring Embellishments

Remember how I promised I would make something out of those jingle bell tops?  I wasn’t too inventive with them.  I said they looked like acorns, and I made them into… acorns.  I know!  I guess I’ve always been one of those “think outside of the box” kind of people.
To make acorn napkin ring embellishments, you will need:
jingle bell tops
wooden beads
floral wire
fall leaves (optional)
On a 4-5 inch length of floral wire, thread a jingle bell top and one wooden bead.  Fold over the end of the wire and insert it back into the bead.  This should keep the bead from falling off the end of the wire.  Repeat this step with the other end of the wire.
This is the napkin ring embellishment.  There are probably a variety of ways you can use these acorns to jazz up your Thanksgiving napkins.  Here is one really simple way to do it.
Tie a ribbon around your napkin (no, those are not my fancy napkins, it’s just a dish towel :P).  Lay the acorn wire across the knot.  Tie a simple bow over the wire.  Then re-tie it because it looks funky.  Then take it off and redo the whole thing and curse yourself for not using wired ribbon.  Then shove some silk leaves behind the bow to distract your guests from how wonky-looking the bow is.  There.  Done.
And no need to lose anymore sleep over my failed plaid table runner!  I had an exciting find at the thrift store yesterday.
That’s right, friends.  Green burlap.  For a dollar. 
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