A Mostly Homemade Mickey Mouse Costume for a Girl

Girls Mickey Mouse Costume

I think it’s a crying shame that there are so few Mickey Mouse clothing options for little girls.  My daughter loves Mickey, but everything made for girls has Minnie plastered on it.  What gives?  For Halloween I decided to make her a Mickey Mouse costume that is decidedly girly.  While the costume is mostly homemade, I did take a little help from the store too. 

To make a Mostly Homemade Mickey Mouse Costume for a Little Girl, you will need:

long-sleeved black shirt

black leggings or tights

black headband (I got mine at the dollar store)

stiff, black felt

white felt

red grosgrain ribbon

red tulle

embroidery thread

white, red, and black thread



yellow shoes

How to Make Conical Mickey Ears

I thought for sure I had taken pictures while I was making the Mickey ears, but I can’t find them anywhere!  Hopefully this diagram will make sense to you.  You will need to cut a circle out of the black felt.  I used my circle cutter set at 4 inches and made two ears.

First, you will need to cut a line from the edge of the circle just up to the center of the circle.  Fold one side of the slit you just cut over the other, making them overlap in a triangle shape.  You can overlap the felt as little or as much as you like to create the depth you would like in the ears’ curve.  Sew the overlapped flaps in place.

curved mickey ears

You can just barely see the overlaps in this picture.  Next, you will need to stitch the ears onto the stretchy headband.  You might want to try the headband on to make sure you are placing the ears in the right spot.  I just winged it because that’s how I roll.

pin on details

I used this tutu tutorial from Beehive and Birdsnest to make a full red tutu with a red grosgrain waist.  I cut two 1 1/2 inch circles of white felt and hand-stitched them onto the front of the tutu to look like Mickey’s buttons.

Little Girl's Mickey Mouse Costume

That’s all there is to it!  I had to bribe the little stinker with candy to get her to let me take her picture, but she loves her “Mickey Princess” (aka the Mickey tutu).  I might be biased, but I think she is the most adorable Mickey Mouse I have EVER seen!

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