50 Writer’s Block Busting Blog Prompts (free download)

50 Writer's Block Busting Blog Prompts

Writing is work.  It’s enjoyable work, for the most part, but it’s still work.  Especially when you are hit with a bout of writer’s block.  Suddenly writing is an impossible task.  Creative bloggers have it doubly bad.  If we are out of projects AND we can’t think of anything to write about, well, it’s pretty darn discouraging.

That’s why I put together a collection of blogging prompts that are designed to help you dig your way out of the dread writer’s block hole.  Ranging from silly to controversial,  there is SOMETHING on this list of 50 ideas that will get your typing fingers moving once again.

And, the best news is, you can get this printable PDF of ideas for free!  Pop over to E-Junkie and you can download 50 Writer’s Block Busting Blog Prompts to your computer or mobile device FOR FREE

If you are looking for additional writing resources, check out my new ebook:  Mad Writing Skills – A Non-Threatening Guide to Writing and Grammar for Creative Bloggers.  Mad Writing Skills is designed to provide creative bloggers with a fun and practical way to improve their writing skills.  There are no rapped knuckles or red pens here, just light-hearted lessons and practical tips.

Mad Writing Skills is 45 pages long and includes 6 worksheets to help you improve your blogging starting TODAY! The ebook also contains 7 tear sheets with practical tips and lists to keep in mind each time you blog.  Mad Writing Skills will show you:

  • How to write a focused and coherent tutorial.
  • How to make use of correct grammar without sacrificing your “voice.”
  • How to correctly order each post’s information.
  • How to connect and communicate with our readers.


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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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