10 Best Recipes of 2013


As I looked back on Mad in Crafts’ 2013 posts, I realized that I shared some pretty tasty recipes (if I do say so myself).  Check out my 10 favorite recipes shared this year, and try them out for yourself!


Baked Cinnamon Apple Peels:  Don’t waste those healthy apple peels when making apple pie or homemade applesauce!  Save them to make these crisp, tasty treats.


Classic Green Bean Casserole: I shared a few comforting casseroles this fall, but green bean casserole is the quintessential casserole recipe.  Make up a dish of your own for a Sunday dinner or any night you want a taste of home.


Simple Pumpkin Monkey Bread:  Monkey bread is a great recipe to make to share with a table of friends.  This fall flavored twist on traditional monkey bread is sure to please a crowd.


Salted Caramel Brown Butter Snickerdoodles:  Man, the name of these cookies alone is probably enough to make you click through to the recipe.  So, so good.


Fresh Lemon Pound Cake:  The putzing that is required to make this pound cake is all worth it once you bite into a pocket of fresh, bright lemon encased in dense pound cake.


Summer Skies Jello Snack:  Make this jello snack with your kiddos for a treat that is as happy as a summer sky!


Campfire Crack S’morsels:  Combine the addictiveness of Christmas Crack with the flavor of campfire roasted s’mores and you get this delicious dessert!


Honey-Lime Grilled Chopped Salad:  Yes, you can grill lettuce!  And it is awesome.  Grill up all the elements of this healthy salad to add depth of flavor to the dish.


Strawberry Greek Yogurt Fool:  Treat yourself to a healthy and sweet breakfast this Valentine’s Day.  Click through the link to see just how easy it is.


Grilled Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers:  These bad boys are so insanely delicious that you won’t want to wait for a tailgate party to make them.  YUM!

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Thanks,  Jessica

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