Valentine’s Day Breakfast: Strawberry Greek Yogurt Fool

Strawberry Yogurt Fool Recipe

Our traditional Valentine’s Day dinner at the Mad House is heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes and heart-shaped bacon.  But when you are having breakfast for dinner, what do you make for breakfast for breakfast?  Why, this delicious Strawberry Greek Yogurt Fool, of course!  The recipe is crazy simple and healthy to boot, so you can easily serve it to your family before they head out the door.

Traditional berry fools are desserts made with fruit layered with real whipped cream.  To make this recipe more acceptable for breakfast, I swapped out the cream for protein-packed Greek yogurt.

valentines day breakfast 1

Place a dollop of the blended strawberries on top of the final layer of yogurt.  Drag a toothpick through that dollop from top to bottom to create a cute red heart!

strawberry fool for valentines day

This treat is delicious and good for you!  It looks so pretty served layered in glass cups, and then you get the fun of swirling all the fruit and yogurt together!

This is a great snack to have in the house at all times.  Just blend up a big batch of the frozen berries with honey, and keep it stashed in the fridge.  Whenever you have a taste for something sweet, you can mix up an individual portion of strawberry fool for yourself! Much better than hitting up the Ben & Jerry’s again (although we all do that from time to time too).


2 cups frozen strawberries, thawed

3 T. honey

2 cups Greek yogurt

  1. Blend together frozen strawberries and one T. honey until smooth.
  2. Mix together Greek yogurt and remaining honey.
  3. Layer berries and yogurt in a glass cup.
  4. Enjoy!


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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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