Storage and Organization

10 Tips for Storage and Organization

It’s a new year, and so many of us are hoping the post-holiday clutter will just magically disappear.  If you are resolved to make a dent in the chaos, I have gathered together a round-up of practical, achievable organization projects.  Trust me.  If I can get these projects done, you can too.  So, get those resolutions off to a great start before the New Year’s zeal wears off.


Monogram Bow Holder

If you have a daughter and she has hair, you probably have hair “thingies” all over your house.  And yet, when you are in a rush to get out of the house, all those thingies are suddenly nowhere to be found.  Corral them with this pretty and functional wall decoration.


Puzzle Storage Tip

As a parent it is so disheartening to walk into your child’s play area to find 87 puzzles dumped out and mixed together all over the floor.  A Sharpie and a few spare minutes are all you need to make cleaning up your children’s puzzles WAY less frustrating! 

toy storage

Toy Storage and Organization Ideas

Hit up the dollar store for the materials for these quick and easy toy storage organizers. 


Toy Room Floor Plan and Organization Tips

My kids are spoiled with a large toy room in The Mad House which I designed to have specific “areas” much like  a preschool might have.  See our floor plan and get a few extra storage and organization ideas too!


Simple Pantry Solutions

Sometimes just making a step in the right direction is enough.  This isn’t a glamorous, magazine-worthy pantry makeover, but it is practical and doable.

magazine organization[5]

Cooking Magazine Index Binder

This is one of my favorite organization tricks.  If your hoard of cooking mags sits unused because it takes too long to search through all of them for a recipe, you should try this simple project.

key storage

Key Storage Idea

You can place your keys in a pretty bowl, hang them from a special hook, or you can get a little creative with a thrift store find.  I did that last option with this fun card catalog-style organizer that I found at Goodwill.


Hanging Craft Paint Storage

We crafty types know how hard it is to store and organize our supplies so that they are still easy to find and use.  This hanging wire rack ticks all the boxes on that checklist while adding color and form to your work space!


Alternate Uses for the Hanging Storage Racks

The racks aren’t just for craft paint bottles!  See what else you can store in these babies!


Colorful Pegboard Tool Organizer

Pegboards = good.  Visual storage = good.  Bright, candy colors = good.  Putting them all together = triply good.

I hope that these tips make keeping your New Year’s resolutions a bit easier.  And if you have any spare cleaning motivation, can you send it to my house?  I need it!

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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