Star Wars Party Cake (Easy Cake Decorating Trick)

How to Pipe Easy Chocolate Cake Decorations

The highlight of birthday party food is the cake, right?  Boy, do I wish that wasn’t the the case.  I am cake-decorating challenged.  I have tried again and again to make pretty cakes and cupcakes for my kids’ birthdays, and I inevitably run into some kind of issue. 

Cake Fails

Exhibits Winter Cake, Baseball Cake, Cars Cupcakes, and Wonder Pets Cupcakes.

Since I was introduced to Bettercreme frosting, things have gotten marginally better.  But I still knew there was no way I could produce an even halfway decent Star Wars birthday cake if I relied solely on my frosting and piping skills.  Thankfully there is a simple, and tasty way to create cake decorations without the stress.  If you can trace, you can do this trick!


There is no earthly way I would have been able to create my son’s name in a Star Wars font using frosting or icing.  Just not in my skill set.

frosted cake

First I began by frosting the whole cake with vanilla Bettercreme frosting.  I am a full convert to the stuff now.  I even used it in my Qui-Gon Jingerbread cookie sandwiches.


I had created a graphic of my son’s name using one of FontMeme’s Star Wars fonts and printed it off ahead of time.  Just make sure that your printout isn’t significantly bigger than your cake!

pipe chocolate

Next, I taped a piece of wax paper onto the printout of my son’s name.  I melted chocolate chips and put them in a food storage bag.  Snip off the end, and you can use it as a piping bag.  Just be careful because the chocolate is hot.  Simply trace the letters and fill them in with the melted chocolate.  You can kind of use the tip of the bag to smoosh the chocolate into place.

piped name

Just place the piped name, wax paper and all, into your freezer on a FLAT surface until it hardens, usually about an hour or two.  You can do this the day before the party to save on prep time, in fact that’s probably preferable.

star wars cake

Just take the whole thing out of the freezer, carefully peel off each letter, and place them on the cake!  No shaky lettering or misspellings!  I added a few Wilton Star Wars edible decorations and we were in business!

Full disclosure HERE.

For more Star Wars Party tutorials, click the thumbnails below:


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Thanks,  Jessica Hill


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