Stamped Typography Blocks for PSA Essentials

Stamped Typography Block

By now you know my fondness for including typography in our home. I have made Number Wall Art, Decorative Spheres,  an Art Globe, and more DIY projects to bring in the fun of typography to our living spaces.  I used my new PSA Essentials stamps to create some personalized typographic décor that was so easy to make.

To make Stamped Typography Blocks, you will need:

wood blocks

dictionary pages

Mod Podge for paper



paper cutter or scissors

PSA Essentials stamps and inks

Dremel with sanding attachment or sandpaper

country goose

I found these blocks at Goodwill a year or so ago.  WHY, HELLO, KERCHIEF-WEARING GOOSE!  You could also cut scrap wood into 3”x3” cubes if you can’t find blocks to use.

paint colors

I gave the blocks a quick facelift using some paint samples from Glidden in colors that coordinate with our living room (Almost Aqua, Spanish Olive, Bittersweet Chocolate) .

painted blocks

Much better, I think.  Next, I cut squares of dictionary pages to fit each side of the three cubes.  I used the Vanilla Peel & Stick sets for these blocks and stamped the letters with plain black ink.   Each cube has the first initial of each family member, our last initial, and an ampersand on the 6 sides.  Then I used Paper Mod Podge to glue the dictionary pages in place.  Finally I roughed up the edges using the sanding attachment on my Dremel.

stamped typography blocks square

Don’t you think this would be a cute gift for a new home?

stamped typography on blocks

The blocks look adorable next to my vintage typewriter.  Do you use typography in your home decorating?

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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