Rainbow Ribbon Bins (from the dollar store)

Rainbow Ribbon Bins

Earlier this week, I showed you how easy it is to find organizational supplies at the dollar store.  Unfortunately those supplies aren’t always as pretty as you might like them to be.  With these remarkably easy steps, you can dress up a collection of bins to add color to any space!

To make Rainbow Ribbon Bins, you will need:

holey bins from the dollar store

thin ribbon


thread the ribbon through the holes

Starting from the outside of one corner, weave the ribbon in and out of the holes. 

weave the ribbon

You can skip as many or as few holes as you would like, so long as the ribbon is on the outside of the bin at the corners.

tie the ribbons in a knot

I chose to use two coordinating ribbons for each bin, tying them together at opposing corners.

Ribbon decorated binn

You choose ribbon that matches the color of your bin, or a color that contrasts with it.

dollar store bins

Before you know it, you have a rainbow of organizational bins to brighten up your desk, your craft space, your child’s art area… any where you need to corral small objects!  The bins look great lined up or stacked.

I think I could even zip tie these bad boys to my Project Runway Inspired Pegboard, the same way I attached the juice containers….  I think I might just have to do that!

Ribbon Decorated Dollar Store Bins

This project is beyond simple, so it would be great for kids to tackle.  Use them for school supplies or quick and inexpensive Valentine’s Day mailboxes!  Where would you use these colorful bins?

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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