Quick and Easy Mickey Mouse Wreath

mickey mouse wreath

This Mickey Mouse wreath is incredibly easy to make, costs very little, and is completely temporary. All the elements can be quickly removed, unharmed, to be used again in other projects!

mickey party front door

I wanted a way to greet the guests to my daughter’s party right when they got to the front door.  Since her birthday is in October, outdoor decorations are too much of a gamble since they could easily be rain-soaked, wind-torn, or snowed upon without much notice (YAY, Midwest climate).  It was safer to limit the outdoor décor to the front door.

To make a Quick and Easy Mickey Mouse Wreath, you will need:

dollar store foam wreath

black fabric

red ribbon

2 white buttons

white thread

stick pins

wrap black fabric

I reused an old wreath form for this project.  This same wreath used to be both my Argyle Spring Wreath and a red and white Christmas wreath

Begin by wrapping half of your foam wreath in the black fabric.   Pin the fabric to the wreath by sticking straight pins down through the fabric into the foam.

wrap red ribbon

Wrap the red grosgrain around the other half of the wreath, pinning as you go.

add white buttons

Finally, use some red thread to quickly sew two white buttons onto the red grosgrain.

The Mickey Mouse wreath was a cute way to great guests at the front door as they arrived for the party.  Since the fabric and ribbon was just pinned to the form, I can take it all off and reuse everything for other projects!

mickey wreath

Click the thumbnails below for more Mickey Mouse Party tutorials!


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