Preschool Snack for Presidents Day

Presidents Day Snack

Is it Presidents Day?  Or Presidents’ Day?  Or, maybe, President’s Day?  I am never really sure.  To whom does the day belong?  Well, no matter the grammar, the observance of the holiday is this coming Monday, which also happens to be the day my son is scheduled to bring snack for his preschool class.  To throw a nod to the holiday, I created this super quick, very easy, and extra tasty snack.

Since Presidents (s’, ‘s) Day honors Presidents Washington and Lincoln, I used some famous historical anecdotes as inspiration for the elements of the snack.  The red, white, and blue parfait contains cherries as a reference to the famous George Washington “I cannot tell a lie” cherry tree story.  The kids can use the pretzel sticks to build a log cabin like the one in which Abraham Lincoln lived in Illinois.

It’s a little corny, but it’s educational too.  And tasty!

Patriotic Preschool Snack

The easy parfait can be made with vanilla pudding or yogurt, depending on whether you want it to serve as dessert or a snack.  I am also sending a bottle of cherry juice along for the kids to complete the presidential themed snack.


plain yogurt, Greek yogurt or vanilla pudding

blueberry pie filling

cherry pie filling

pretzel sticks

  1. Layer the yogurt and pie fillings in a clear bowl or glass, ending with cherry pie filling.
  2. Serve with a handful of pretzel sticks to build a log cabin.
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