OktoberFEAST: Stamped Runner and Place Cards for Oktoberfest


For the second time, my cousin Mollie and I cohosted an Oktoberfest dinner party.  We threw an Oktoberfest party two years ago, so as experienced veterans we decided to up the ante even more this year.  We invited friends and family to join us for a night of German food, beverages, and music.

Make a silly face in a photo with me, and it’s going on the internet. Lesson learned.

This year I added some fun Oktoberfest décor to the festivities, including Bavarian-themed stamped decorations inspired by this adorable smores table runner by Snowdrop and Company.

To make stamped Oktoberfest table runner and place cards, you will need:
craft foam
adhesive dots
scrap cardboard
craft paint
craft paper


I sketched out some simple Bavarian-themed drawings on craft foam from the dollar store and cut them out with my precision scissors.  Then I used adhesive dots to stick the foam shapes onto rectangles of cardboard (diaper boxes are so handy).  Boom.  Homemade Oktoberfest stamps.


I used paintbrushes to “ink” the stamps with craft paint.  It may take a few tries to determine the right amount of paint needed to create a clear image without bare spots or smudges, so practice on scrap paper first.


I stamped a pattern down a long length of dollar store craft paper.  I wish I would have had a metallic red paint for the Wurst, so it would have matched the other stamps but I was trying to make this project using only materials from my stash.


I also cut some of the stamped shapes out of the craft paper and mounted them onto cardstock to use as place cards for the dinner table.


We used the place cards for more than just assigning dinner seats at our Oktoberfest party.  You will have to check back tomorrow for the rest of that story!


The stamped runner and place cards were a fabulous frame for all the delicious food and drink served at the Oktoberfest party!  Check back the rest of the week for the rest of the party details.

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Thanks,  Jessica
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