No Sew Fabric Pumpkins from Tank Tops

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I want all the pumpkins.
All of them.
Since I probably shouldn’t spend our life savings on a truckload of real pumpkins, I needed to figure out a way to bring more pumpkins into my fall décor without spending any money.
You know, so I don’t feel quite as guilty spending money on the real ones.
I had a few old tank tops that I have been hanging onto because the fabric is so pretty… even though I am long past being able to wear spaghetti straps.  I dug out three of them that fit my fall color palette to make a few no-sew pumpkins.
Since I am a weirdo, I made each pumpkin using a different technique.  Because doing things the easy way is for normal people.
For these 3 fabric pumpkins, you will need:
tank tops
plastic bags
rubber bands
brown paper bag
a roll of toilet paper
super sassy tank
I bought this uber-sassy tank years ago before my girlfriends and I took a trip to Vegas.  I was never brave enough to wear it though.
But, it does kind of look like the dress in this picture, doesn’t it?  Perfect for my fall décor.
gather fabric
For this pumpkin, I turned the tank inside out and gathered the material under the armpit area of the top.  Then I rubber banded the material in place.
Sorry about my gross-looking hands.
tutorial no sew fabric pumpkins
Next, I spread the tank out so the fabric made a kind of bowl.
stuff with plastic bags
Stuff the fabric “bowl” full of old plastic bags.
gather material for pumpkin stem
Gather all the material up (what was the bottom hem of the tank top) and rubber band it together.  The little tuft of fabric makes a cute little pumpkin stem. 
Fluff the pumpkin, and it’s done!
easy no sew fabric pumpkin
This pumpkin was made from a halter top that I actually did wear to my friend’s bachelorette party.  Like 7 years ago.
Since the top zippered all the way up the side, I could treat this top like a flat piece of fabric.
no sew fabric pumpkin rubber bands
I laid out the fabric right side down and then gathered the top and bottom hems and rubber banded them.  I also cut a piece of brown paper bag, crumpled it, and rubber banded it through one end.  You can see it on the left hand side of the picture.
fabric pumpkin rubber bands
When I flipped the fabric inside out, the rubber banded ends end up inside the pumpkin and the paper bag stem pokes out the top.
fabric pumpkin stuffed with plastic bags
Then, all I had to do was stuff the fabric full of plastic bags and rearrange the fabric so that it closed in the back.
no sew toilet paper fabric pumpkin
This last pumpkin was the absolute easiest to make.
tp pumpkin tutorial
I rubber banded the bottom hem of this tank top together like I did with the last pumpkin, but set it out like a fabric bowl ala the first pumpkin tute.
Then I put a roll of TP in the middle.
no sew fabric pumpkin tp roll
I pulled the top hem of the shirt over the toilet paper roll and shoved it down into the center.
fabric pumpkins
Once I had all the fabric tucked in, I shoved another paper bag stem in the roll as well.
no sew fabric pumpkins
In very little time and with NO SEWING, I had three fashionable pumpkins.  I used only materials I already had around the house, and everything I used can be reused after I take the pumpkins apart!
Do you have any old tank that are begging to be made into flashy pumpkins?
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