Monster Dip in a Monster Bowl (a Halloween Snack and Craft)

monster dip in a monster bowl

If you want a monstrously good Halloween party snack, look no further than this Monster Dip in a fun Monster Bowl.  This monster-themed snack is fun and delicious, and the bowl is an easy, kid-friendly Halloween craft.  Decorate the spooky snack with a simple banner and flag made with PSA Essentials stamps and inks.

To make Monster Dip in a Monster Bowl, you will need:

2 dollar store bowls


craft pains


wooden skewers


scrapbook paper


circle cutter

roller adhesive

PSA Essentials stamps and inks

batch of Monster Cookie Dip and pretzels


I bought a set of two plastic bowls at Dollar Tree, one slightly smaller than the other.  I was hoping to find non-plastic bowls, but they didn’t have any in stock.  (Non-plastic is better for curing the craft paint.)  When I got home I stuck the bases of the two bowls together with E-6000 (as shown) and let the glue cure overnight.  Those puppies aren’t coming apart any time soon.

monster pedestal bowl
Then I added a monster eye and some snaggleteeth to the two bowls using Martha Stewart craft paint.  Her paints are top rack dishwasher-safe if they are fully cured, either by baking in the oven (not an option with plastic) or by letting them cure for 26 days.

stamp out the letters

In the meanwhile, I got working on my dip signage.  I used PSA Essentials Archive stamp pack letters inside the Haunted Shack pack outer ring to spell out MONSTER in Lime Green ink.  Then I switched to the Vanilla stamp pack without a ring to stamp DIP in Poppy Orange.

cut out the shapes

I used my circle cutter set at 2 inches to cut out the MONSTER letters and my paper cutter to turn the DIP letters into a flag.  I backed everything with coordinating scrapbook paper glued on with my adhesive roller.

attach the banner

I poked two holes in a cheap Dollar Tree platter and inserted the skewers.  I tied up the MONSTER banner and added the DIP flag to the delicious dip.

monster cookie dip

My dip was made using Skip to My Lou’s irresistible Monster Cookie Dip recipe, with a few tweaks.  First, I used coconut oil instead of butter, which was delicious. Second, I didn’t measure anything except the powdered sugar and oats on account of I hate math in all its sundry forms.

I think this would be a great addition to a Halloween party or Monster-themed birthday party.  Salty, sweet, and scary!  Who could resist?

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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