How to Make Seuss Party Pom Poms


Balloons are the standard for adding color to birthday party décor.  I, however, try to avoid balloons for kids’ parties.  Balloons + kids = tears.  For similar cost, and just a bit more time, you can make colorful tissue paper pom poms that have the same impact as balloons but last much longer.  I made several of these festive poms for my daughter’s Dr. Seuss birthday party.

To make Multi-colored Tissue Poms, you will need:
tissue paper
twist ties


You can either purchase a package of multicolored tissue paper or buy several in a variety of colors.  I bought two of these 20 sheet packages and was able to make 8 small, 2 medium, and 1 large pom from them.

Note:  For the smaller poms, I cut the tissue paper in half and used one sheet of each color.  For the medium sized poms, I didn’t cut the tissue but only used one sheet of each color.  For the largest pom, I used two sheets of each color.


Begin by stacking 1-2 sheets of each color of tissue paper on top of each other. 


Straighten the edges and fold the tissue paper like an accordion.  Try to keep the sides of the tissue papers as straight as possible.


Once you are doing folding, cinch the middle of the folded paper and secure with a twist tie.


Carefully fan out the folds on either side of the twist tie.


Slowly and gently, fluff each sheet of tissue paper.  If you move too quickly, the paper will tear.  It’s not the end of the world, but your poms will look a bit more ragged.


Keep fluffing the tissue paper until the pom is spherical (or as close as you can get).


Pat yourself on the back!  You just made a multicolored tissue pom pom that is perfect for a Dr. Seuss party, fiesta, or for livening up any rooms that need a touch of color!


For the party, I hung the poms from the ceiling with monofilament but they can also be taped to the wall, used in place of gift wrap bows, or added to pipe cleaners to make a “flower” arrangement!

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Thanks,  Jessica
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