Homemade Mickey Mouse Party Favors

Homemade Mickey Mouse Party Favors

I wanted to give the kids who came to my daughter’s party a special remembrance of the day to take home with them.   With a little help from my screen printing kit and the dollar store, I was able to make them each a homemade Mickey Mouse t-shirt in a cute Mickey favor box, all for just over a dollar per child!

To make DIY Mickey Mouse Party Favors, you will need:

dollar store t-shirts

a screen printing kit

screen printing ink or fabric paint

scrap cardboard

painter’s tape

red take-out style boxes

white paper

circle cutter


mickey silk screen

I found a classic Mickey image and printed it out in black and white.  I went over the lines with a Sharpie to make the image as dark as possible, and turned it into a silk screen.

silk screen attempts

Actually it wasn’t anywhere near that simple.  It took several tries before I got a screen to expose properly and give me a crisp image.  I was about to give up, gave it one more shot, and got a great third screen.

drag on the paint

Once the silk screen is ready, you just tape it down on your fabric (with cardboard inside the shirt to prevent leakage) and scrape the silk screen paint down over the image.  It goes really fast.

remove silk screen

The image that is left behind is clean and crisp and isn’t stiff like those painted with stencils.  Another benefit of using a silk screen is that they are reusable.  I could pop the screen onto one shirt after another, and bust out enough favors for the party in relatively little time.


I was also able to rinse off the screen and reuse it to make a shirt for myself using the silver-colored paint!

favor boxes

I made these cute little Mickey favor boxes using take-out style boxes I bought at Dollar Tree for 3/$1.  I cut 1 inch circles out of white paper and glued two of them on each box to look like Mickey’s buttons!

mickey mouse party favors

I added tags to the favors using paper Mickey Mouse silhouettes and my PSA stamps.  I think these were pretty cute, and memorable, favors considering how little I had to spend to make them!

Click the thumbnails below for more Mickey Mouse Party tutorials!

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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