Halloween Caramel Apple Bar


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I don’t usually decorate for Halloween.  I love pumpkins and other fall décor, but witches and spooks don’t usually enter into it.  I do, however, love me some Halloween treats!  Halloween candy, candy corn, and caramel apples are all a-ok in my book.

I decided to combine my love of caramel apples with one of my party favorites:  the make-your-own food bar.  I have had hot dog bars and mac and cheese bars at birthday parties at our home, and a caramel apple bar sounded like a ton of fun for Halloween.


To make a Halloween Caramel Apple Bar Display, you will need:

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FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Disc

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® block

decorative mesh (orange, green, purple)

floral pins

craft knife

Mod Podge

orange glitter


black construction paper

black acrylic paint

craft glue

lollipop sticks


I had never really crafted with decorative mesh before, and it is so fun to work with.  Just about any way you twist or roll it, it looks good!  I cut lengths of the mesh and wrapped them in stripes around the block of styrofoam.  I used the same floral pins that I used on my Year-Round Wreath to attach the mesh to the block.


Using a craft knife, I cut a small section off  of the styrofoam disc to make it more of a pumpkin shape.  I coated the disc with Mod Podge, and sprinkled it with orange glitter.  I sealed the glitter in by mixing more of the glitter in with some Mod Podge and painting it on the disc.  Once it dried, I could rub my finger of the glitter and none came off.


I attached the disc to the front of the block with more floral pins and a little craft glue.  You can just barely see them in that picture.


I cut a jack o’ lantern face out of black construction paper and glued it to the disc, covering the floral pins.  I painted the edges of the pumpkin and the top of the styrofoam block black with acrylic paint.  Finally, I looped the ends of the mesh around on itself like a bow and attached it to the block with floral pins.


I used my apple slicer to cut up a large granny smith apple and put each slice on its own lollipop stick.  I think slicing the apples is a much better way to do the caramel apple bar, because you can customize each slice with different toppings!

Once all the slices are mounted on sticks, slide the  sticks in to the top of the styrofoam block.  The styrofoam will keep the slices sturdy and in place for your party display!


For our topping tray, I offered mini marshmallows, chopped pecans, sweetened coconut, and chocolate sprinkles.  Just dip the apple slices in the caramel and sprinkle on whichever toppings look best to you!


Try this project out at your Halloween party this year.  I am sure it will be a big hit with kids and adults alike!

For more projects using FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® foam check out the Crafts ‘n Coffee blog and the Make It Fun! website.


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Thanks,  Jessica

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