Fashion Designer Inspired Rorschach Butterflies

Rorschach Butterflies

Over this past week, I have shared my tutorials for creating some Spring home décor inspired by the fashion designer Prabal Gurung.  One of his trademarks is his use of almost Rorschach test-like symmetrical patterns.  I was inspired by those prints to make some Rorschach prints of my own, in a very Spring-y shape… butterflies!

To make Rorschach Butterflies, you will need:

white paper

acrylic paints


This project is so simple I made a quick 6 second Vine video to show you easily it is!  Continue reading for the written tutorial.

Add paint

First drop a few small blobs of craft paint onto a piece of paper.  Keep the general shape of one butterfly wing in mind as you do so.

Fold the paper in half

Gently fold the paper in half and press the two sides together.  With one finger press down on the paper, smooshing the paint and encouraging it to form the shape of butterfly wings.

Open to Reveal the Butterfly

Unfold the paper to reveal your colorful, symmetrical butterfly!  Repeat as often as you like.

Designer Prabal Gurung Inspired Spring Decor

You can cut out the butterflies and string them onto a garland, frame them on colored cardstock, hang them from a mobile, or just lean them up against your other home décor.  They add a gorgeous touch of Spring wherever they flutter!

That completes my week of fashion designer inspired décor tutorials.  Which project was your favorite: the dip dot votive, the striped vase or the Rorschach butterflies?


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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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