Easy Stamped Ombre Thanksgiving Place Cards

stamped ombre thanksgiving placecard

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house this year?  Planning Thanksgiving can be stressful, from the prep-work to the clean-up.  Give yourself a break with these quick, easy, and inexpensive stamped ombre Thanksgiving place cards.  Avoid the inevitable chaos of people deciding where to sit, while adding a pretty touch to each place setting.

To make Easy Stamped Ombre Place Cards, you will need:

dollar store small foam frames

paint chips or cardstock


pumpkin stamp (like PSA Essentials’  Mixed Holiday)

black ink

wooden beads

jingle bell toppers

Mod Podge

brown glitter (like Martha Stewart’s Brownstone)

craft glue (like Aleene’s Fast Grab)


Did you know that PSA Essentials has new stamp designs?  One of their newest additions is the very useful Mixed Holiday stamp pack.  The peel n stick pack contains images for most major holidays.  I used the cute pumpkin stamp for these easy Thanksgiving place cards.

glitter on caps

I decided to add a sparkly acorn embellishment to my Thanksgiving place cards, but they are totally optional.  I used the jingle bell toppers that I removed in order to make my Pottery Barn-inspired vase filler (yes, I have saved them for THAT long).  I coated the caps in Mod Podge and sprinkled them with Martha Stewart’s glitter in Brownstone which is a gorgeous warm brown.

glue the bead into the cap

After the Mod Podge dried, I used my Aleene’s Fast Grab glue to glue a wooden bead into each cap.  If you make extra acorns, you can use them as easy Thanksgiving Napkin Rings too!

ombre placecards

While the “acorns” were drying, I made up the place cards themselves.  You can find foam frames like these in the wedding section of Dollar Tree.  They come 5-6 to a package, which is perfect if you have to make a bunch for a big family! 

I cut up a few  3-color paint chips that I had on hand and slipped them into the foam frames.  If you don’t already have paint chips on hand, you can use cardstock or scrapbook paper in graduated colors.  The paper slips into the frames very easily.

Finally, I stamped a pumpkin in the middle of the place card and glued on a glittery acorn.

easy ombre stamped placecards

You can lay the place cards down on your Thanksgiving place setting like this.

easy thanksgiving placecards

Or, since the frames already have built-in stands, you can stand them up on the table or on each plate.

easy ombre thanksgiving placecard with name

Just add each guest’s name under the stamp to let them know where they will be sitting.  Another great thing about these place cards is that the paper can be removed from the frames after the dinner is done so they can be reused for another project!

thanksgiving placecards

I made several place cards in a variety of Fall colors to add brightness to the table.  Obviously, you can substitute your own choice of colors, embellishments, and stamps to suit your holiday table.

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Thanks,  Jessica Hill

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