Duck Tape Link Garland

Duck Tape Christmas Garland

This morning I showed you our Christmas mantel, featuring the NOEL Decoration I made with Duck Brand tape.  In this post, and one more this evening, I will share the rest of the tape projects I created!
Paper chains are a simple and inexpensive way to decorate your home, whether it is for the holidays or for a party.  The problem is that they are so darn disposable.  There is no good way to store them without risking them being ripped or crumpled.  What’s the solution?  Switch out the paper for something much more sturdy!
All you need to create this garland is duck tape!  Duck Brand sells tape in a wide variety of colors and patterns, perfect for any time of year.  I used a few varieties of their holiday tape to create a Duck Tape Link Garland that will last for years to come!

make notched cuts

The only trick to the garland is to cut the tape properly.  You will cut halfway through the tape horizontally.  Then you will cut the middle of the tape vertically about one inch.  Then cut horizontally back out to the other side.  Use an older pair of scissors as they might get a little gummed up.

fold tape in half

Rip off a section of tape about 6 inches long.  Fold the tape in half and stick it to itself.

sticky end

Your tape should look like this.  By cutting the tape as you did, you will have a one inch area that is still sticky.
chain links together
Now you can create your chain link garland just like you would with slips of paper!

duck tape decorated mantel

I framed our mantel by making a swag of the duck tape garland.  The colors and patterns are fun and festive for Christmas, but Duck Brand makes plenty of other patterns that would make great garlands for other occasions.
duck tape patterns
These are just some of the fun options you could use to make garlands for a kid’s room or for a birthday party!

duck tape link garland

It’s so easy to add some long-lasting fun to your Christmas decorating this year.  You could even get your kids involved in the project too!
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Thanks,  Jessica Hill
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