Dollar Store Halloween Bottle Labels

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I have wanted to throw a Halloween costume party for years.  Once again, our October is going to be WAY too busy to fit another party in, so I had to channel my Halloween entertaining feels somewhere.  While I was browsing at the dollar store, I came upon some clever Halloween label transfers.  I picked up a set, and that snowballed into me creating a whole Halloween party bar display.  This is how crafting works.  A single $1 purchase turns into an entire vignette and three blog posts.  It’s a mystery.


I found these fun Halloween transfers at Dollar Tree.  They had several transfer styles, but the labels were my favorite.  I paired them with glass bottles and Plutonium’s new Gloss Clear for a fun Halloween craft.

halloween transfer

Start by cutting one of the labels from the sheet of 5 labels, and trimming it down.  

Remove the plastic backing and place the label carefully on a clean glass bottle.  Move slowly because you have just one shot at this!  I found that bottles with vertically straight sides (like the one you see in this picture) work much better with this project.  You can make curved bottles work, but it takes more effort.  

After the label is in place, place a wet paper towel on top of the label.  I found that this method worked much better than patting or rubbing with the wet towel.  Any additional movement caused the label to wrinkle or rip.

Once the paper backing is saturated with water, carefully remove the paper towel and slowly peel off the paper backing.  Use the paper towel to GENTLY smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles.

Plutonium Clear Coat

You could leave the label as is, but you would risk the label being scratched or rubbed off.  Thankfully, Plutonium now makes a Clear Gloss spray.  I am so excited about this stuff, you guys!  It goes on as evenly as regular Plutonium paint and dries just as fast.  Be sure the bottle is dry before you coat it with the clear spray, and let it dry for three minutes before handling it.  Now the label is permanently sealed onto the bottle, safe and secure!

NOTE:  I did notice that the Plutonium clear leaves the glass slightly more opaque after use.  With colored glass it is barely noticeable, but on clear glass there is a slight frosting.

halloween bottle label

I made up a whole set of these spooky Halloween bottles, and I will be sharing how I used them to create a fun Halloween bar display soon.

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