Dapper Glitter Deer


This is a sponsored post.  I was compensated to create this project and received free product, but the opinions in this post are 100% my own.

This is the story of a poor broken misfit, lost and unloved, whose potential was unlocked by the power of perseverance, effort, and glitter.  This is the story of Dapper Deer.


I found this guy at Goodwill and I immediately snapped him up.  His flashy jewel tones wouldn’t fit in with my Christmas decorations at all, but I knew he had potential to be something more.


My Goodwill often gets Target cast-offs.  You can buy deer like this at Target, but my Goodwill was selling him for 99 cents because both of his antlers were cracked and wobbly.  Don’t worry, Mr. Deer.  I can mend you.


I took a little Gorilla Glue and set his antlers back in place.  Then I used a length of electrical tape to hold them in place while the glue cured.  This indignity will be over soon, Mr. Deer.
After the glue was set, I soaked his bling-y antlers in warm water and meticulously scraped off the fuchsia glitter.  It came off pretty easily, but it took some patience to get it all off.  I waited for a relatively warm day and gave him a few coats of white spray paint.
I wanted to give Mr. Deer back a little bit of his sparkle by adding a bit of glitter to his antlers.  This Michaels Recollections brand glitter is available starting at $3.99 exclusively at Michaels stores.  While the glitter comes in all kinds of fun textures and colors (I really need to try out that tinsel glitter), I stuck with simple white extra fine glitter.


I brushed some decoupage onto the antlers and then sprinkled on the glitter.  I shook off the excess, and sealed the glitter in with another coat of decoupage.


And, as if he wasn’t already dapper enough, I gave him a debonair plaid scarf.  He’s such a handsome devil.


Now that he is free of his gaudy blue and pink, he fits with the rest of my plaid Christmas mantel perfectly.


Not bad for a rehabbed 99 cent cast-off.  That’ll do, deer.  That’ll do.

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Thanks,  Jessica
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